Virtual workplace or desktop - simply does not work 

Some bad guys say today : "The IT solves problems that we did not have before."
Desktop virtualization solves this kind of problems that have arisen from the operation of applications and Servies in recent years. Many of term are "sneaker Administration" called. The security issues with USB and other drives is also in this context.

With desktop virtualization, you get all of these problems under control . Quick, easy and effective. All this with little organizational effort and at low cost. Especially on the long-term observation brings desktop virtualization high potential for savings and safety benefits.
Advantages of the use of desktop virtualization
• Centralized maintenance and management of desktops
• Administration costs for desktop hardware is reduced
• Effective support from the mirroring of user sessions and tracking of user actions
• Easy to restore or replace computers / users systems
• Centralized control, manage, shutdown or restart computers remotely possible
• Easy management of various sectors and branches
• Long-term low cost, no expensive initial cycles for clients
• the processing is done by the server, not by client
These are just some of the benefits for your business. Desktop virtualization is not, as many claim, just an issue for "large companies". Especially for companies with a smaller IT team brings enormous benefits. We are happy to assist you in the introduction as well as the operation of your desktop virtualization.
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