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Managed services - that sounds like outsourcing, big projects and complexes service contracts. Isn′t it oversized for smaller businesses or the middle class? Due to modern technologies and processes in any way. This is proved by many of our projects what are designed and oriented for SME customers. Especially the development of cloud, vDC (Virtual Data Center) or complexes hosting - including network, firewalls, servers and other important components.

IT operations and application maintenance are becoming increasingly important for many companies and also demanding. Cost pressure, small teams, complexes system landscapes and the diversity of applications is constantly increasing. So the demands increases for privacy, compliance, scalability, availability and security.

Especially for small and medium businesses this is a growing challenge: internal planning, coordination of projects and the own capacities and know-how must be kept available even just a few points. wusys plans exactly with the right managed services for the customers and partners who will allow to focus on the respective core competence.

From the planning, implementation and productive operation of the customers: we support you practical and competent. See for yourself - talk to us.

Cloud computing is slowly becoming more of a strategic decision in companies. Just look in the SME business, customers for entry-level solutions that are easy to integrate, flexible to use and do not compromise on data security. In this case your data will always remain in Germany.

wusys managed cloud services and deliver the exact needs of the customers tailored solutions that make their business IT flexible, fast, cost-efficient and thus sustainable. They use variable IT services that are provided and billed according to your actual needs on the wusys fle.Cs cloud platform.

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