We are a service provider
- all through Since 20 years! 

We offer you a platform for your digital services.
By cost reduction and the generation of added value we optimize your services.
Always together and individual with our certified colleagues, customers and partners – as a team.

Qualified partnerships for our customers

We want to use the best technology for our customers and therefore we´ve got qualified and certified partnerships. The high level of trainings and also successful customer projects are the requirements for various certifications. This level of professionalism we have to be proved again and again while different certifications. wusys has the utmost expertise and extensive knowledge in various areas.
Internal and external benefits:    

  • Proof of professional skills
  • Extension of the activity fields
  • Quality as a selling point
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Employee satisfaction
  • Flexible use of staff
  • Highest standards for employees and technology are confirmed by ISO 27001 certification

wusys as data center operator and IT service provider offers flexible partial or complete solutions in information technology. Trust in our achievements and many years of experience in the field of information technology.

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