Infrastructure Services
— Reliable and flexible

You want to simplify and optimize your IT?

Optimal scalable IT platforms
Let wusys operate your infrastructure entirely or partially. Due to their modular structure wusys infrastructure services match your today needs and are ready for your future needs.

Redundant and safe
wusys infrastructure services are redundant and safe in all componentes such as data center space, Internet connectivity, server hardware, software, storage solutions, firewalling and backup solutions.

Individual services
wusys IT Services will make your company flexible and more efficient. wusys seamlessly and comprehensively takes over deployment, administration, operation and maintenance of your IT applications - always flexible, cost effective and with guaranteed quality of service.

Advantages for your business:

  • Increase of productivity by fast technology alignment.
  • Reduction of TCO (Total Cost of Ownersip).
  • High available, excellently secured IT environment.
  • Time resources for your staff will be released and provide opportunity to develop new skill.
  • Reduced cost at increased revenue.


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