The highest quality  virtualization technology  

wusys offers a flexible and geo - redundant  cloud in a
class infrastructure with scalable design and best quality from Germany .


fle.Cs stands for fle.xible cloud solution
Under this Brand we want to offer product bundle or individual products. In order to be flexible here , we wanted to offer standardized service level or transfer the existing to the new solutions.
VMware hosting
With wusys fle.Cs cloud hosting solutions using the best and most advanced VMware virtualization technology. Your request is cloud by totally managed by wusys in the background. As before, you can keep in your own IT with full root access and administrative rights in full control of the individual machines and applications.

This gives you the ability to run multiple virtual machines with different operating systems and applications quickly and easily as required. Right now and how they are just currently required. The power allocation and thus the performance of your virtual systems is always tailored to your requirements.


Product Portfolio

Convince yourself of our services. Whether you want to expand your environment flexible: Started from a hosted environment to self-manage virtual machines or an outsourced infrastructure with guaranteed SLA′s, which is fully managed.

wusys has the right product for your needs.


Our products at a glance:

Fle.cs VMware Server Instance:
One or more VMware virtual server instances are the entry point into the wusys fle.Cs Cloud.

Fle.cs VMware resource pool:
A VMware resource pool makes it possible to create your own virtual data center in the cloud via an advanced web portal ( vCloud Director) in the self-administration

Fle.cs VMware Private Cloud:
The VMware private cloud based on the Fle.cs VMware resource pool and offers a comprehensive managed by the wusys virtual data center in the cloud.

Fle.cs VMware Dedicated Private Cloud:
The VMware Dedicated Private Cloud is an individual , dedicated VMware cloud infrastructure that is built and operated only for your individual needs.

Fle.cs VMware Hybrid Cloud:
The VMware Hybrid Cloud provides the ability to connect an existing on-site VMware environment with the VMware cloud solutions from wusys .

We offer you the following support level:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold


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