The right desicion:
Europe′s state-of-the-art data center made by wusys.

All parameters in the wusys data centers are designed to ensure the very best connectivity and 100% availability. This is clearly evident in the fact that the entire data center is operated without any single point of failure (i.e. a critical point that could eventually endanger the operation of a complete system).

However, when looking for the ideal location for your data center operations, you need more than just hard facts.
Over the years we have earned the trust of international enterprises and investment banks that make very high demands of their IT when it comes to security. Based on this experience, wusys has developed standards that are now available to all of those enterprise customers whose IT systems are the heart and the backbone of their entire business.
What this means for you:
If a system should fail, another server is automatically switched on within a fraction of a second so that computing processes can continue without any interruption. And this ensures business continuity for your enterprise.

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