Virtual data center

We do not work with keywords but with a modern and flexible cloud environment in Germany. Our virtual data centers are built based on VMware and provide you at any time needed resources are available. Exactly what you need at the moment and as safe as in-house. if not safer. We operate in our state of the art data centers your virtual data center.

The logical requirement of the hardware limitation is separated and gives you new possibilities in the use of resources. From virtual system via the virtual data center to the virtual desktop , we offer you what you need now.

Cloud Computing as a "solution" for your own IT  is an efficient, flexible and inexpensive way to fulfill your increasing business needs. The infrastructure, platforms and applications are deployed on the wusys fle.CS cloud as services available via the Internet.

Each customer had a self-contained and safe for vDC (Virtual Data Center). Here he can define and install his virtual server in a vDC network. Also he can use firewall and load balancer, as well as in a dedicated environment .
It can be added any time on-demand resources, or even removed.

Today, companies are no longer faced with the question whether to use cloud computing, more how quickly and how they can use the new technology safely.

Even its own management of resources is ensured. About the vCloud Director software-defined services with compute, network and storage capacities are created to separate the use of infrastructure services completely from the underlying hardware.

The combination of internal and external resources is also possible at any time.

More flexibility is not possible!

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