State-of-the-art cloud and virtualization technology

With us you get a flexible and geo-redundant cloud in a first-class infrastructure with a scalable structure. Whether private cloud, hybrid cloud or public cloud – everything in certified best quality from Germany. From infrastructure to automation and security, we cover all aspects of virtualization.


fle.Cs stands for flexible cloud solution. Under this product name we provide bundles or single products. We offer standardized service levels with maximum flexibility, for example to transfer your existing solution to the new one.

VMware Hosting

With wusys fle.Cs cloud hosting solutions you can use the best and most modern virtualization technology from VMware.

Your cloud requirements are completely managed by wusys solutions in the background. This allows you to quickly and easily operate any number of virtual systems with different operating systems and applications – flexible, scalable and exactly as they are currently needed. The performance of the virtual systems is always individually adapted to your requirements.

Advantages of fle.CS

  • fle.Cs VMware Server Instance
    One or more virtual server instances are the entry point into the wusys fle.Cs cloud.
  • fle.Cs Private CloudThe wusys Private Cloud is based on the fle.Cs VMware resource pool and offers a virtual datacenter in the cloud that is comprehensively managed by wusys.
  • fle.Cs Private Cloud +The wusys Dedicated Private Cloud is a dedicated VMware cloud infrastructure built and operated only for your individual requirements.
  • fle.Cs Hybrid CloudThe wusys Hybrid Cloud makes it possible to connect your existing on-site VMware environment with the wusys VMware Cloud.
  • fle.Cs Multi CloudThe wusys Multi Cloud creates a bundling of different cloud computing services, the existing on-site VMware environments and the wusys VMware Cloud.

(vDC – virtual data center)

The data center that exactly meets your requirements.

Our virtual datacenters are built on VMware and provide you with all the resources you need. Logical need is separated from hardware limitations, giving you completely new possibilities in the use of resources.

Cloud computing as a “solution” offers an efficient, flexible and cost-effective way to meet ever-increasing business requirements. Infrastructure, platforms and applications are provided as managed services via the wusys fle.CS Cloud. Each customer receives a closed and secure vDC and can install virtual servers within the vDC network as well as use firewalls and load balancers. Depending on your needs, you can add or remove resources on-demand at any time.

(vDI – virtual desktop infrastructure)

Desktop and application virtualization.

Virtual workplace or desktop – it couldn’t be easier!

Desktop virtualization solves the problems that have arisen in recent years from the operation of applications and workstations. Security issues, for example when using USB or drives, are also related to this.


  • Centralized maintenance and management of desktops
  • Reduced administration effort for desktop hardware
  • Easy restoration or replacement of computers/user systems
  • Centrally control, manage, shut down or restart computers remotely
  • Easy management of different areas and branches
  • Low costs in the long term, no expensive purchase cycles for clients

We are happy to support you in the introduction and operation of your desktop virtualization.

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