All-round, worry-free protection for your data, information and IT systems

The protection of your IT comprises three essential pillars: The confidentiality of information, and the integrity and availability of information and systems.

Our mission for your IT security is the holistic protection of your information and all systems with which information is processed, used and stored.

1. DDoS Protection
2. Managed Firewall
3. Managed Load Balancer

You don’t have to worry about anything anymore. We ensure continuous protection of your IT systems against the latest attack methods and technologies, even when they are overloaded.

Distributed Denial of Service Protection

Immediate protection of your IT systems during DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are caused by a high number of targeted requests made from multiple machines. As a result, attacked web servers and systems become overloaded. This is what is known as a “deliberate interruption of services”.

DDoS attacks pose a major threat, especially for companies whose business models and processes are based entirely or partially on the Internet. Costs incurred by an attack are usually extremely high – not to mention the damage to reputation.

DDoS protection – made and managed in Germany

The portfolio of wusys solutions comprises on the one hand the DDoS protection of IP infrastructures and on the other hand the DDoS protection of web applications, websites and DNS servers – powered by Link11. wusys solutions has been working successfully with the cloud-based DDoS protection solutions of Link11 since 2017.

Your advantage: DDoS attacks are immediately detected and nipped in the bud. The DDoS protection services from wusys solutions can be set up within a very short time and implemented quickly, and the protection is immediately active.


wusys DDoS Infrastructure Protection

Larger corporate networks with an IP network can be protected via Border Gateway Protocol (BGP). BGP protection can be used as hot standby or permanent variant.

This ensures that the regular data flow is maintained until the attack occurs. In the event of an attack, traffic is routed via the Link11 filter center and analyzed there. The filtered data packets are then routed to the company infrastructure via a tunnel connection. It is up to the customer to decide whether the entire traffic or only parts of it are rerouted.

Alternatively, companies can permanently connect their entire IT infrastructure to Link11 via the BGP-Permanent variant and thus be protected 24/7.

wusys DDoS Web Protection

wusys DDoS web protection secures web applications, websites and DNS servers. DNS forwarding can already be implemented from an IP address. To do this, only DNS A-record entries need to be adjusted. DDoS protection is active within a very short time. Applications based on a domain name can thus also be protected against DDoS attacks on layers 3-7.

The Link11 DDoS Protection Platform

Link11, based in Frankfurt am Main, is a German IT company with core competencies in the areas of DDoS protection and server hosting.

With the cloud-based DDoS Protection Platform, Link11 has successfully established a new and innovative product on the market in 2011. Link11 DDoS protection is already patent-pending and allows you to protect any website or entire IP infrastructures from DDoS attacks. For its innovative DDoS protection solutions, Link11 was once again awarded the German Data Center Prize in 2016.

Managed Firewall

A maximum of IT security – at any time and without gaps

A firewall serves to prevent unwanted access to network services and is one of the basic and most important IT security measures for your company. This network security device monitors all incoming and outgoing traffic on your network.

No server should be without a firewall these days. It prevents attackers from gaining access to your network.

We install the firewall for you, we configure it and we set up the monitoring. We manage your complete firewall operation:

  • Monitoring and incident management
    • – Supervision
    • – Capacity monitoring
    • – Troubleshooting
  • Patch Management
  • Change Management

wusys firewall technology know-how is based on Sophos Security Solutions

As a world leader in next-generation cybersecurity, Sophos protects more than 400,000 businesses of all sizes in over 150 countries from the latest cyber threats. With SophosLabs and its global team of body and data analysts, Sophos’s cloud and cloud-based solutions protect endpoints (laptops, servers and mobile devices) and networks from ever-changing cyber attacks, including ransomware, malware, exploits, data exfiltration, custom hacking, phishing and more.

Managed Load Balancer

Server reliability and high availability in one

A load balancer is a system that is installed upstream of servers and distributes requests in such a way that no server is overloaded. If one server fails, the load balancer intervenes and redirects requests to the remaining servers.


– increases server availability and performance

– ensures fault tolerance across locations

– simplifies the configuration of a server cluster

– improves the scalability of the available resources and the communication between the servers

We install the load balancer for you, configure it, equip it with certificates and set up monitoring. If required, we can manage the complete operation of your load balancer.

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