Competitive advantages arise when companies can react quickly to new requirements. We support you in this, because our services enable you to act flexibly.

wusys solutions provides you with individual or standardized IT services in different areas. Due to the modular structure of the services we can offer you all services according to your needs: Starting with data center space, through the provision of dedicated server hardware to cloud solutions.

Are you looking for more flexibility for your core business and want to simplify and optimise your IT environment?

wusys solutions offers you everything from one source.


Simplification and optimization of your IT environment.

wusys solutions provides you with either individual or standardized IT services. Thanks to the
modular structure, we offer you infrastructure services tailored to your needs: Starting with data center space and internet supply, through the provision of server hardware and software up to storage, firewall and backup solutions. wusys solutions creates individual solutions with optimal scalability and maximum cost efficiency.

Our infrastructure services at a glance:

  • Colocation – Data center services
  • Dedicated Server – Provision of hardware servers
  • Managed Server – provision and administration of servers
  • vDedicated Server – Provision of virtual servers
  • vManaged Server – Provision and administration of virtual servers
  • vDataCenter – Provision and administration of virtual platforms
  • Firewall Services – Provision and administration of firewall services
  • Loadbalancer Services – provision and administration of servers
  • Backup Services – Provision and administration of backup systems
  • Global IP Services – Provision of IP services
  • AntiVir & SpamProtect – Provision and administration of security services
  • DDoS – Provision and administration of Distributed Denial of Service protection

Managed Services

This is where the professionals help where you need it!

IT operations and application support are becoming increasingly important and demanding for many companies. Cost pressure, small teams, highly complex system landscapes and the variety of applications are constantly increasing. In addition, the requirements for data protection, compliance, scalability, availability and security are increasing.

wusys Managed Cloud Services deliver solutions tailored to your needs, which make your company’s IT flexible, fast, cost-efficient and thus future-proof. You receive variable IT services that are provided and charged according to your actual needs on the wusys fle.Cs cloud platform.


As needed

Cost transparency



DI2O – Digital Infrastructure to Office

Digital full service for commercial real estate and campus infrastructure

wusys solutions stands for reliability, progress and innovation. To help you make the step into the age of digitization and IoT, we offer the on-demand model Digital Infrastructure to Office (DI2O) – secure, scalable and flexible, from the virtual data center (vDC) to the virtual desktop (vDI).

With DI2O, wusys solutions has developed new services for building digitalization. Previously non-existent or separate technology islands such as computing centers, IT, Internet, cloud, telephony or security are networked in an efficient overall system.

With the DI2O Desktop Service, wusys goes one step further and provides workstations in seconds dynamically, automatically and profile-based – as office workstation, home workstation or as access for external employees. The DI2O Desktop Service provides security, availability and compliance for all parties involved.


  • Commercial areas are immediately usable
  • Uncomplicated expansion possible at any time
  • Significant savings potential
  • Highest safety standards guaranteed
  • Operators and tenants have access to state-of-the-art technologies and functions
  • High flexibility: all components, from the data center rack to the virtual desktop (vDI), can be used individually or as a package

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